Swimming has always been popular in Peebles. Many will have seen photographs of the diving platforms at the 'dookits', the Neidpath end of Haylodge Park, where evidence can still be seen today. At the turn of the last century swimming galas were held in the Ministers Pool, better know as the 'Minnie', which is just above the cauld beside the present swimming pool. One Saturday in August 1907 a large crowd gathered to watch a demonstration, by the Wyman Swimming and Humane Society of Edinburgh, of the latest style of swimming, the crawl stroke, life saving and water polo.

All year round swimming was made possible by the generosity of Sir Henry Ballantyne who gave Peebles their first swimming baths in 1919. These were build at the foot of Tweed Brae and were in operation until the current pool was opened in 1984. P.A.S.C. was instituted on the 13th July 1922 and has been an integral part of the town's history since.

The Club has produced excellent swimmers throughout its history, representing the town at District, National and International levels including Margaret Smith in the 1930's; Jamie Murray in the 1970's; Carol Shiell in the 1980's; Lauren Greenshields in the 1990's; Lynne Duncan in the 2000's (coached respectively by Joe Lamb, Joe Brock, Lynne Bertram, Donna Hamilton and Rosie Sim).